Sunday 10.30.11

What's in Your Gym Bag?

Matt was doing some preparation for our USAW Certification this weekend and found this article on their website and thought it fitting for our gym. Even though we post the workouts the night before, many of us still run to the gym after or before work and inevitably forget something. Proper running shoes seemed to be this week's culprit. Anyways, enjoy:

Over the years I've seen some funny things with people coming to the gym unprepared and then they have to borrow stuff or do without. I've seen everything from paper shopping bags to Louis Vuitton designer bags; however, it's not what the bag looks like that's important, it's what's in the bag that matters. As an athlete, you need to have everything you will need for your workout in your gym bag—except your water/liquids, they need to be in a separate container that can be sealed.

Here are some basic things you should always bring to the gym:

- Running shoes
- Lifting shoes
- Jump rope
- Tape for hands,wrists
- Bandages
- Tylenol/Advil
- Long socks (for lifting or rope climbs)
- Deodorant - Training log book
- Pen/pencil

The above list is everything I can think of that you might want to have on hand for any workout that may come up. If you show up regularly im pretty sure you will use everything from the above list at least once. Some people really go overboard as well, so clean out your gym bag regularly so it doesn't get too heavy or full of smelly gym gear that needs to be laundered.

Make sure you always bring to the gym everything you will need for your workout and the rest of the items on the list are just in case something unexpected happens like tearing a callus or ripping your hands on a PR set of pullups. Always check the contents of your gym bag before you leave for the gym so you dont get any unexpected suprises.

Last but not least, don't leave your gym bag in your car, because people like to steal. Oh, and remember to use the hook grip when you carry your gym bag!


  1. Yesterday I ran the Healdsburg Wine Country Half Marathon: 2:24:52

    Pretty excited.....a goal that's been a long time coming!

  2. add diapers and fruit snacks for the parental crowd

  3. Steve...diapers and fruit snacks could be for the rest of us too.