Saturday 12.10.11

For anyone wondering what Mike C, Geoff and Doug are doing today, here is their workouts.  Good luck Guys!

SWOD: Handstand hold, free handstand, hspu, etc for 10min

Metcon: For Time:
- Run 1 mile - carrying 15-25% bodyweight (medball,kb,sandbag,bumper)
Rest 3 minutes
- Run 1 mile NO weight
Finish with:
- 50 Toes to Bar

Post weights and times to comments.


  1. 37:53 total
    17:06 w/ 25lb weight

  2. 1.5 mile run with baby in stroller
    SWOD: practiced lifting stones and squatting with them. Got the 93lbs up on each shoulder and squatted one time on each shoulder
    Metcon: 12 squats (43lb stone, 6 on each side) 12 GHD sit ups. 7 rounds in 10:00