Saturday 12.31.11

Pic from again:
Keeping the chest and elbows up, and the knees out, enables efficient transfer of power from the legs and hips into the wallball.
Skill: review of range of motion for each exercise

Conditioning: "Filthy Fifties"
For time:
-50 Box Jump (24/ 20 inch box)
-50 Jumping Pull Ups
-50 Kettlebell Swings (35/26 lbs)
-50 Steps of Walking Lunges
-50 Knees to Elbows
-50 Push Press (45/ 35 lbs)
-50 Back Extensions
-50 Wall Ball Shots (20 /14 lbs)
-50 Burpees
-50 Double Unders

In order to be Rx'd you can do this workout in any order, except the Burpees and Double Unders must be done last.

Compare to 10.01.11

Post times to comments and try to make the big board!


  1. 45 minutes minus 30 burpees and 50 double unders! Better than my last attempt at this one.

  2. 32:36 rx. First time doing filthy fifty.

  3. WOD: 40:20 no back extensions
    pregnant burpees

  4. 35:12 w/single unders
    beat my last time by 4 minutes!

  5. Bergener w/u with bar
    Power Cleans: 95#x6 115#x4 135#x3 145#x2 160#x1
    Back squat: w/u to 165, 185x6, 195x5, 205x4 225x2 245x1
    150 du's mixed in with weight lifting
    incline bench 135x5 140x4 145x3 150x2 160x1x3 135x7
    Ill get back in the mix soon..just didnt have a metcon in me this morning, cherry picked to some afternoon strength training.

  6. Just realized I forgot jumping pullups..
    31:04 no JPU's