Tuesday 2.07.12

Look at the smile as Jon realizes he's going to get the rep!  Nice job Jon, newest member of the Muscle Up Club.

Strength: Barbell Row 5x5

Conditioning: Tabata:
- Kettlebell Swings
- Push Ups
- Row  (for calories)

Post weights and scores to comments.

So far our team consists of:
   Men:                               Women:
- Ryan R.                         - ? (need at least 3- but all should try!)
- Alan
- Dietrich
- Doug

I know many of you are unsure on how the Open works, but that's part of the fun and what we train for, the unknown.  We are all more capable that what we think, and competition is the time that that shows.  It's the reason why Olympic Weightlifters can lift 5-30kg higher in competition than when they simply lift in training.

After weightlifting class Thursday night, Jon S. was telling people there was no way he could do a muscle up.  Then, a rep later, he was up on top of the rings, surprised he had done it and not sure how he did it.

Last year at the 2011 CrossFit Games Open, Kim went into a workout with a max Clean of 100 or 105 lbs.  The workout in the third week called for 110 lbs Cleans.  Kim struggled with a few reps, before being able to Clean a few at 110# before time ran out.  She PR'ed and got some points for herself in the competition.

Competitions are fun. I'm not saying anyone needs to go into The Open with the idea they may win the CrossFit Games and be the fittest person in the world!  Heck, those people are training many hours a day, 6 days a week, and constantly fueling up on expensive supplements and proteins, etc.  They have start of the art recovery methods and tools that most of us can't afford.  And frankly, most of us have the time for that.

But I look at it like playing basketball (or any sport).  I can shoot baskets all day long, dribble around cones and train to be good at all the necessary skills.  Or I can join a pick up game of basketball and push myself physically (to a point of course, I got to work the next day so I'm not going to be taking a charge or anything like that).  Both are important, and both can be fun and rewarding, but it both are necessary to see improvement.

So let's get a pick up game of CrossFit going.  We're going to be programming the workouts for the gym anyways.  I'll have a CrossFit Open Q & A session Thursday night at 6:00! If you are signed up for the Open, thinking about it, or if you just have questions on how it is going to go, Meet me at The Compound.  Weighlifting will be directly after it at 6:30.


  1. SWOD: 55x5, 65x5, 85x5, 85x5, 85x5
    Metcon: lowest= 6PU, 6 cal, 8 KB @44lbs= 20

  2. SWOD 95x5,125x5,135x5,155x5,165x2,155x5

    Metc: Lows 5Cal,7PU, 3KB@62#

  3. Hi all its your Crossfit VVN cheerleader at it again, was just on CF Open Games site to review who was on the team. Were off to a good start ! BUT..we can do better, lets think of who our opponent might be..hummm who shall it be? Trumpets sounding !! The Curtain open's....it's CF Vacaville! So it's time people to step up our game and show up for the championship of fitness in our little town. (I know some of you have higher expectations but we gotta start somewhere right?) So in closing dont be shy Ladies and Gentlemen sign up for our "pickup game" of fitness and lets roll strong into this! What do think 25 people ? Thats what I think or more. We train hard in here and NOW IS THE TIME TO SHOW IT !

  4. swod: 115x5,135# 4x5
    metcon: tabata mash up
    70# Kb/low 4 (had 4 ugly no reps during)
    PU's/low 7
    cal/low 7
    extra credit: 4x8 ghd wallball situps w /10# ball to 8,9 and 10' target. That will take some practice...Yikes !

  5. 155x5x5

    7cal, 6kbs 70#, 4 pushup

  6. SWOD: 95x5x2,105x5x3
    Conditioning: Tabata "everything"
    kb swings: 6@ 44#
    push ups: 6
    The push ups were the kiss of death =(

  7. SWOD: 55x5
    KB: 8@36
    Push ups: 4
    Row: 4

  8. SWOD: 5x5 @ 95#
    kettlebell 5 @ 53#
    pushups 10
    Row: 5

  9. Doug~
    I love your enthusiasm! If I wasn't deployed right now I'd be joining your team for sure. Good luck!