Monday 2.06.12 episode 365 of 365 came out on Saturday.  They finished their project the same way they started it, with the 10 min. Squat Test.  Follow this  link and give it a try, it can only help you get more support in the squat position of EVERYTHING we do in the gym!

Strength: Back Squat 5x5 @ 85% of 1rm

Conditioning: 10:00 Ascending Ladder ( 1 of each, 2 of each, 3 of each, as far as you can get):
- Wall Ball
- Pull Ups

Post weights and times to comments.


  1. 85 lbs - 5x5
    8 full rounds + 9 wall balls
    pull ups- black band, cheater style

  2. SWOD: 5x5 @ 145lbs
    Metcon: 10 complete rounds.

  3. w/u: on the board and muscle up attempts. Squat demo guy needs an intervention, those short's gotta go. and yes , did that for a few minutes

    swod: 212# 5x5
    metcon: 8 rnds +9 wb. pullups were c2b x3(chest actually hit the bar below collar bone, yeah!) strict and a few kipping

    1. The shorts have definitely gotta go!!!

  4. Swod 5x5 @105#
    Conditioning 8 rounds + 9 14#wallballs, +5pullups rx

  5. SWOD: 1x5 @140#, 4x5 @135#
    Metcon: 9 rounds plus 10 wallballs (10#), 3 pull ups (green band)

  6. SWOD: 55x5
    Metcon: 9rds + 10 WB (10#), jumping PU

  7. SWOD: 115x5 then 105x5 for the rest (squats not very deep at 115)
    Metcon: 11rds 10# wb and red band pull ups