Monday 3.19.12

This is the last week for the CrossFit Open and next week is benchmark week.  Get Ready!
The top 3 men and women from The Compound going into the final week are now:
TK                Holly
Craig             Melissa
Brad              Kim

Strength:  Back Squat 70% x 1, 80% x 1, 90% x max reps

Conditioning: Three rounds.  Not for time of:
- 500m Row
- 20 GHD Sit Ups
- 15 foot Rope climb, 2 ascents

If you have never done GHD Sit Ups in a workout before, then scale to Abmat Sit Ups.  Try to perform the 500m Row all out each round.  If you go fast enough to make the big board, have a coach write in your score.

Post weights and fastest 500m Row to comments.


  1. SWOD: 140x1, 160x1, 180x4
    Metcon: 1:52, 1:58, 2:02, 15lbs weighted ab situps, 6 rope climbs (first 2 unbroken)

  2. SWOD: 140X1, 160X1, 180X9

    METCON: 148.3 500M Row, 20 GHD, 2 rope climbs

  3. SWOD: 80x1, 95x1, 105x3
    Metcon: 2:14, 2:22, 2:25-500m Row, situps, rope pull ups

  4. SWOD: 225x1, 250x1, 285x1
    METCON: 1:35, 1:55, 2:05

  5. SWOD: 125x1, 145x1, 165x4
    Metcon: 2:02, 2:23, 2:11

  6. Swod: bench press ,225,245,255,265,275 x3
    Metcon: 500m 1:34

  7. Swod: 110x1, 125x1, 140x3
    Metcon: best 500m row 2:08, 10# GHD sit ups

  8. SWOD: 185,205,235x1
    METCON: 500 Row 2:01

  9. SWOD: 195x1,205x1,225x6
    Metcon: 2:07,2:11,2:23/GHD Situps/1 rope climb first 2 rounds, rope pull ups last round

  10. 1-500m row= 1:30= PR by 8sec
    2-500m row= 1:40
    3-500m row= 2:00

    the rest Rx