Wednesday 4.11.12

This is one of the original CrossFit produced videos that started the craze.  I know it's one of the first videos I saw when I was looking for a new way to workout.

Skill: Muscle Up Practice.

Conditioning:  "Nasty Girls".  Compare to 11.01.10
3 Rounds of:
- 50 Squats
- 7 Muscle Ups
- 10 Hang Power Clean (135/85#)

Don't worry if you don't have muscle ups, there are plenty of substitutions. The most common are:

- 4 pull ups (any substitute) + 4 Bar Dips (any sub, I prefer using two boxes) = 1 muscle up
- 2 chest to bar pull ups + 2 Ring Dips = 1 muscle up
- Muscle Ups from the knees.

Post times to comments.


  1. METCON-25:10, jumping pull up's, orange band on Ring dips, 95lbs

  2. OHS 5x65,5x75,5x85,3x95
    50 DU's
    SWOD 0 MuscleUps
    Metcon 26:00ish Pullups/Ringdips 25#wt Squats

  3. 14:32@85lb w/ c2b ring pu and 2 ring dips

  4. MU practice 17:10 with 135 and jumping MU's

  5. 15:06 with knee muscle ups and 55# hpc

  6. 24:44 with ctb and ring dip substitution and 135# hpc