Sunday 5.20.12

A few of us got to go down to San Jose yesterday and watch a few of the fittest men, women, and teams give some impressive performances at the CrossFit Games Nor Cal Regionals.  There was certainly a lot of CrossFit "stuff" all around the whole day, dudes walking around shirtless, girls walking around in "shorts?", Reebok everywhere, Paleo this and that.  Pretty interesting.

But it got me excited for our own competition coming up in three weeks.  Ours will be not even close to as big as this event was, every CrossFit Games Regional is as big as The CrossFit Games a few year ago....back in the "Prebok" days (as one vendor was selling shirts with that logo to denote they were CrossFit before Reebok joined in).  And ours certainly won't require the massive amounts of skill necessary to complete all the workouts in the CrossFit Games.

Our Prove Your Fitness Competition will test everybody in many different skills of power, speed, strength, endurance, etc but all the events will be simple enough to complete no matter who you are and what your workout background is.  We will be finding out who the fittest is in Solano County, but more importantly it will be a fun event for us to hang out and compete in a friendly competition.

So sign up either as a Competitor online, or a a volunteer.  We still need judges and volunteers to make this thing run smoothly for everyone.  If you want to know what you can do to help, email me (Craig) at

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