Friday 6.08.12

This RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge) Instructor is showing the Overhead KB Squat.  Notice he is watching the KB the entire time.

Strength: Weighted Pull ups 3-3-3-3-3-3

Conditioning: On the minute for 15 min:

- Complete two 1-arm Kettlebell Snatches each arm (heaviest possible)
Then for the remainder of the minute
- Go to an Overhead Kettlebell Squat Position

Try to switch arms for the Overhead Squat each minute.

Post weights to comments.


  1. SWOD: bodyweightx3 strict pull ups (3 rounds), 5lbsx3 strict pull ups (3 rounds)
    Metcon: used 44lb KB, stopped squat with 8 seconds before each minute to rest and re-chalk

  2. SWOD: 40lbsx3, 50lbsx2
    Metcon: 35lb KB

  3. swod: red band x3. body weight x3, +18, L sit pullups 1x1x1, +26 x3
    metcon: 35# kb

  4. SWOD: Did some pull-ups :)

    Metcon: Used 35lb KB.

  5. SWOD: practiced kipping pu/ strict pu with red band

    Metcon:18lb kb