Wednesday 6.06.12

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Ring Dip.  Notice the turn out at the bottom.

Hold at the top

Hold at the bottom

Strength: Ring Dips - 2 reps on minute for 10:00.  Go as deep as possible and try to hold the bottom and top positions for at least 2 seconds.  Scale up or down as needed.

Conditioning: As many rounds possible in 15:00
- 10 Ring Rows
- 30 Hollow Rocks
- 400m Run

Post times to comments.


  1. METCON-2 rounds + 17 hollow rocks

  2. SWOD: red band dips on rings/ 3 unassisted dips on parallel bars
    Metcon: 3rds + 10 ring rows, 30 sit ups (sub for hollow rocks) + about half the 400m run

  3. 17:30; 5 rds, with box at ring height

  4. Swod: ring dips with orange band
    Metcon: 3 rounds

  5. 2 ring dips+3 chest to ring pull ups
    AMRAP: 4rds in 15:45

  6. Swod: ring dips w/ one knee on one strap of skinny black band, almost there...
    Metcon: 3 rds in 16+ minutes...really need to work on my hollow rocks :(