Saturday 7.28.12

Sometimes you just have to face you fears, get after it, switch the beast mode on, and get some!  Come at me, bro!  This motivational photo has nothing to do with today's workout, other than being awesome.

Work on one of your goals for 10:00 (rope climbs, pistols, muscle ups, pull ups, etc.)

Conditioning: For time: (35min time cap)
- 800m Run
- 60 Burpees
- 30 Pull Ups
- 60 Squats
- 30 Push Ups
- 60 Sit Ups
- 800m Run

Post times to comments.


  1. 27:13 shand release push ups

  2. Under the 35 minute mark we think....timer restarted. blue banded pullups, 12in box pushups