Friday 8.03.12

The equipment for today:
Everyone should have their own jump rope.  It's inexpensive to buy and you can custom size it for yourself.  We try to provide enough ropes at the gym, but with community jump ropes, they break faster and it's hard to find the right fit for yourself.  There is a sign up by the water cooler for anyone who wants to go in with a group and buy one.

Does everyone know why we use Abmats?
Here's an article on some of the science and the safety measures this  simple  piece of equipment.  For my lower back issues, this has allowed me to continue doing sit ups without damaging my back further.

Strength: Weight Pull Ups- find 1rm.  Then one set of max Pull Ups

Conditioning: “Annie"
- Double Unders
- Sit Ups

Post weight and times to comments.

Finally, here is the PR board for July.  I know there were a ton more PR's than this baord shows.  Let's fill it up in August!


  1. SWOD: 30lb weighted pull-up = PR

    Mecon: 7:21 = PR

  2. SWOD: KIP Pull Ups (lots of practice)
    WOD: 21:00 (Double Unders-attempts,lots of practice)

  3. Weighted pull up 82.5 (PR)
    Annie 8:40 (PR)

  4. SWOD: 85# (PR)
    WOD: 7:15 (PR)

  5. SWOD: did weighted pullup at work. 50x1 (PR). missed metcon.