Friday 8.17.12

We always want to you record and keep track of your workouts and scores/ reps/ weights, etc.  Here's a creative way Charlotte does it, by posting these photos with the descriptions of her workouts!

Strength: Power Clean 5x3 reps (add 1-5# from last time)

Conditioning: One Minute On...One Minute Off...for 10 minutes.
- 30 KB Swings - Russian (Heaviest possible)

*You have 1 minute to get 30 KB swings. If you do not get 30 KB Swings in 1 minute, count a penalty.
*If any penalty is counted, perform 10 burpees for each penalty at the end of the workout.
*For Russian Swings, you should be able to look underneath the Kettlebell at the top of the swing

Post weights and penalties to comments.

A few of us are going up to Tahoe on September 22nd for Tough Mudder.  For those of you participating, or participating in a marathon or other endurance event, I am going to be posting a Compound Endurance page with workouts I will be doing throughout the weeks.  I plan on doing our CrossFit workouts 4 days a week and incrementally adding interval and longer runs.  This is a good way to see how CrossFit Endurance can work for long distance efforts without over training.


  1. SWOD: P/C @80
    WOD: @26 KB

  2. Swod: 100# 2x5, 1x3 (sets x reps not reps x sets, crazy that I still screw this up!!)
    Metcon: I tried to go big and use a 53# kb, but I couldn't hang after the third round - two penalties!

  3. SWOD 115x5 (72%) 1RM

    Metcon @53#KB + 30 Burpees

  4. SWOD: practice
    Metcon: all w/26#kb completed

  5. SWOD: worked up to 120lbs
    Metcon: 53#kb 39reps on last rd

  6. SWOD: 245X5X3
    METCON: sub max effort muscle ups on the minute

  7. swod: 143# x5x3
    metcon: 44# burpees