Sunday 8.12.12

Especially in presidential election political season, it always seems one side of the political aisles tries to do all they can to make "Big Business" look like the bad guy.  I'm sure there are some bad one's out there, but I'm not here to get into a talk about that.  Rather, I just wanted to point out what one "Big Business", CrossFit, is doing to give back.  We already know CrossFit is big on doing workouts and raising money for charity's, for children, for the military, etc.

Greg Glassman, co-founder of CrossFit, teaching people to squat in Kenya.
But now, CrossFit has now been working in an area of Kenya for about ten months, and although their impact is in a relatively small village, their work has impacted many people. By building a four-room school building, a 35,000-liter water cistern and 60 desks in the village of Dzendereni, they have seen incredible improvement not only in the classroom but also in the faces of the villagers. They, CrossFit Inc. believe this is what they are really capable of doing, not just bringing fitness to the world.

CrossFit is trying to help create sustainable and realistic solutions for education, water and food for these villagers in Kenya, and says that no CrossFit Affiliate should underestimate the immense difference they can make in this part of the world and the incredible impact they will have on the lives of the Duruma people.

For more info on what CrossFit is out there doing, click HERE.  Just another reason why CrossFit is no way a fad, or even just a workout.  It is a community of people that truly care for each other and want to make everyone better.

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