Monday 8.13.12

Jon made it to the top 12 and finished 11th in his competition at CrossFit Valley of the Moon this weekend.  Nice job Jon!
Here was his final workout of the day!
Strength: Back Squat 3x5 (add 5# from last week). Max reps on the third set.

Conditioning:  As many rounds and reps in possible in 8:00 of:
- Max Rep Strict Pull Ups
- Max Rep Plyo Push Ups*

 Perform a Plyo Push up by placing one hand on a 45 lbs plate and the other hand on the floor, perform an explosive push up that allows you to transition the hand on the floor to the hand on the plate. And repeat.

*If you cant do at least 10 of each for 1 set, scale back (kipping pullups, banded pullups, jumping pullups, ring pushups, pushups, box pushups, etc)

Posts weights and rounds + reps to comments.


  1. SWOD: 1 x5 @155 (wrong weight), then 2 x5 @ 145

    Metcon: 36 kipping pullups and 54 regular push-ups
    (strung together 10 kipping pull-ups)

  2. 185(3x5)
    metcon: 116/69, stricked for first couple of sets then kipping

  3. Miss you guys it seems like forever! See the dr again today hopefully there's improvement and I can be back soon.

  4. Swod: 5x105, 5x115, 5x115 more reps onlast set nxrt time.
    metcon: 38 strict plup, 48 plyo pshup

  5. Swod: 280x1x5
    metcon: 48pull ups 56 plyo push ups

  6. swod: w/u.. 95x5, 115x4, 135x3, 165x2, 185x1..then 215 3x5
    metcon; 100 reps, if I were to guess I think the %'s would be 40/60,37/63 around there

  7. Swod: 125X3X5
    Metcon: 1 stict pull up + 22 pull ups with skinniest band/ 36 close grip push ups

  8. SWOD: 125X51
    METCON: I lost count but enough that I want to puke.

  9. SWOD: 115 3x5
    WOD: 34/34 w/band

  10. SWOD: 3x5@ 200 (jumped by 10 on accident)
    Metcon: 34/65

  11. SWOD: 2x5@75 1x7@ 75
    Metcon: 36/40 w/band pull ups

  12. Swod: 3x5@140#
    Metcon:21/36 using black band for strict PU

  13. SWOD: 125 2x5, 10 reps on last set
    5 rounds:
    7 thrusters @ 85#
    7 kb swings @ 70#
    200m run
    rest 2 min bwtn each round
    2:25 fastest
    3:25 slowest