Wednesday 8.08.12

Congrats to Steve Pearson and his family for the birth of Hazel Rose., born last week on July 28. at 5lbs 9 oz!

Strength: Muscle Up practice.  Work on any aspect or variation of the muscle up you need to improve on.

Conditioning: 5 rounds.  Not For Time:
- 5 Muscle Ups (or scaled variation)
- 500m Row or 400m Run

30:00 minute time cap.  This is not for time, take as much rest as needed but try to get this done within the time cap.

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  1. Muscle up practice: worked on going from the knees and working the transition with the band

    Metcon: Did combo of pull-ups and banded ring dips and precticing muscle up from the knees. 5 x 500 row- all under 2 min

  2. Metcon: 19:33 w/ band assisted muscle ups