Sunday 9.16.12

Upcoming September and October Events:

- Saturday, September 22nd:

I think our participants are down to Brooke B, Mike C, Doug C, Craig C, Mindy and Randall C, Shawn C, Melissa, TK, and Alan I.  If I am missing anyone, let me know!

Our official Heat start time is 1:20 pm.  We are meeting at some Mohawk place at 1230, so be registered by then.  The site suggests 2 - 2.5 hours to park, shuttle, and register.  If you haven't got a room yet, better get on it, good luck. Mike has a room Saturday night, at River St Inn, anyone who wants to bring a sleeping bag and use the floor is welcome.  He and Doug plan on staying for the after party.  RSVP with Mike at so we know everyone who will be there.  Are we going to wear a certain shirt/color?  Or just go as the ragtag group that we are?

- Saturday, October 13th:

While its called The Strongest, this event is tailor made for what we do at The Compound.  Every event lasts an average of 1 min.  Let's get a big group of us to compete and show everyone what we do at our gym.  Here are the weight classes and events:

Men’s Weight classes                                                      Women’s Weight classes
Light 199 pounds and below                                             Light 159 pounds and below
Middle 200 – 249 pounds                                                Heavy 160 pounds and above
Heavy 250 pounds and above

Farmer’s Carry – 10am
Two Barbells loaded with weight designated for each weight class. Pick up one in each hand by the handle and carry 30 yards and back. Maximum 2 drops allowed. Fastest time is the winner of that class. If no one finishes, furthest one wins.

Tire Flip – 11am
Flip tire 30 yards for time. Tire to range from 250-500 pounds depending on weight class.

Truck Pull – 12pm
Ford F-250 Full Size, ¾ Ton, Standard Lift, 6 foot bed, with tow package. While connected to the truck by a back harness, pull counterweight rope towards the finish line 30 yards for time.

Bench Press - 1pm
Must bench press 75% of bodyweight for maximum repetitions in one minute. Weight will be rounded according to the standard plate weight.

Deadlift – 2pm
Must deadlift 100% of bodyweight for maximum repetitions in one minute. Weight will be rounded according to the standard plate weight.

- Friday, October 19th
For those who haven't participated, every October we host this fundraiser to raise money for BARBELLS FOR BOOBS ®, which is a 501(c)3 non-profit breast cancer organization whose mission is to provide funding through the MAMMOGRAMS IN ACTION ® GRANT PROGRAM for qualified low-income and uninsured women and men who need screening and/or diagnostic procedures in the prevention of breast cancer.

We complete the CrossFit Benchmark workout, "Grace", which is 30 Clean and Jerks for time, and raise a little bit of money.  We will have a BBQ that evening as well, so plan on coming by and inviting anyone who may want to assist in raising money for a great cause.

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