Saturday 10.27.12

Our own Gina, who has been training at CrossFit Kandahar the last few months, was pictured on last Friday
Skill:  movements review

Conditioning:  Find a partner, bring a partner, or show up stag and we will pair you up with someone.  While one partner works the other the bottom of the Squat. With a designated rest period, you should be able to work a greater intensity during the work period.

For time:
- 400m Run together
Then 2 Rounds
- 20 Burpees
- 40 Wall Salls (20/14)
- 60 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (95/ 65#)
- 80 Box Jumps (24/ 20"
- 100 Sit Ups
- 1000m Row, alternating every 250m

Post partners and times to comments.