Sunday 10.14.12

Several of us participated in Gold's Gym "The Strongest" competition yesterday.  Stefan, Ryan, Melissa and I, along with several CrossFitters from all over.  For those of you who know Paul (he has his name on a few places on our big boards and makes visits every once in a while), he also competed with us.

There were five events, consisting of Farmers Walks  for 60 yards, Tire Flip for 60 yards, Truck Pull for 30 yards, Max Bench Presses at 75% bodweight, and Max Deadlifts at 100% bodyweight.

Stefan pulling the truck

Ryan's truck pull.  He and Stefan competed against each other in the same weight class.
Melissa took 3rd overall the events for both women's weight classes!
Vacaville Fire Department woke up long enough to win a Tug o War contest for money for their charity against Gold Gym's staff.  Steve and Geoff both competed in that.

Mike and Devin ran 5ks at Kaiser's Fun Run prior to coming out to support us.

Thanks again to everyone that came out and supported all The Compound's athletes!  I did a horrible job remembering everyone who came out and supported us at CF Solano's event last month, and we probably doubled the support yesterday.  It was truly appreciated!

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  1. THANK YOU!!!
    It was a great day. I am very appreciative of all the people that came to support us :)