Sunday 12.02.12

More moments from our Weightlifting Competition:

Peter pulling a Power Snatch to open his three Snatch attempts

Ryan going "Old School" with the Split Snatch and a PR (technically his 4th PR of the night).  
The Split Snatch is not seen very often anymore, but if an athlete can’t produce a vertical torso in a squat, the Split Snatch will create a much better receiving position.  Josh Everett, who’s known as one of CrossFit’s best Olympic Weightlifters and coaches at the seminars, uses the Split Snatch himself. 

LA finishing up the coaches division with a Clean and Jerk PR

What's coming up this month:

Saturday, December 15 at 5:00 pm - Christmas Party and Coach TK's Farewell.

We're going to start with our version of Dodgeball at The Compound at at 5:00 pm at The Compound.   At 7:00-ish the party will move on over to my house (directions will be posted at the gym). Prepare a side dish and/or beverage to share and join us whenever you can. Any questions, contact Erica via email at

Saturday, December 22 at 10:00 am - Nutrition Challenge Information Meeting

Directly after the last class on Saturday, we will hold a meeting to discuss the rules and tools available to help everyone to be successful in this challenge.  Anyone who can't make the meeting can contact me and/ or make our second meeting on Saturday, January 5th.  Any questions, contact Craig via email at or Holly at

Friday, December 28 - CrossFit Total time!

Generally, every three months we do Benchmark Week to test our improvements.  This time, due to holidays and changes in programming, benchmark week will be spread out over several weeks.  You'll still get to do all the things you love (Fran, 5K, Filthy Fifties), but it won't be in one action-packed week.  The CrossFit Total will be the Friday after Christmas Day,  so we can utilize all those extra calories we've packed in and get some major PR's!

The PR Boards:  With the start of Benchmark Week, the PR Boards (which haven't been properly kept up with for the last little while) are going to be wiped clean and we're going to fill it up again with current members and new numbers.  The PR Boards are a great tool, especially when you look at them not as bragging rights, but rather goals to shoot for to raise your personal fitness level to.

Monday, January 7, 2013 -  Compound Lite and Nutrition Challenge begin!

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