Sunday 12.09.12

Sorry, for the almost non-existent post here.  I am working all weekend and my time off is very limited.  Congrats to those who competed at the Bayside Beatdown yesterday!  If any of you could write in the comments section about how the day went, I would like to hear about it!

************** Reminder, this Saturday, December 15th, is our Christmas Party beginning at 5 pm at The Compound.

************** This week is also our last full week of this strength program.  We start benchmark workouts the two weeks after, then it's on to a new year and a new program.


  1. Everyone did so awesome!! The energy there was on FIRE!!! Melissa, Armando, Doug and TK ROCK'D it tough!!! I posted some "videos" of each of them on FB, and I have tagged each of them so the video of their competition is also on their timeline...I'm very proud of them and they Rep'd The Compound with 5stars!