Saturday 1.19.13

WOD: "Deck of Cards"

This workout will be done as a team (as one whole team or two teams). Shuffle the deck and leave it face down on one end of the gym. The teams will start on the opposite end of the gym and one member will sprint to their deck, pick a card, and sprint back. Each member of the team will complete the prescribed number of reps for the prescribed exercise. When the last person is done, the next member of the team will sprint and draw the next card. First team to finish wins.

- Diamonds = Warrior Sit Ups
- Hearts = Push Ups
- Clubs = Walking Lunges (one step each leg = 1 rep)
- Spades = Kettlebell Swings
- Joker = 200m Run

* Each numbered card is face value
* Aces are worth 1 rep
* Face cards are worth 10 reps

30 min. time limit

Post your team's time to comments.

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