Sunday 1.13.13

From our Compound Nutrition Facebook Page, Jenny posted this:  
Paleo fried pork chops, sweet potato with cinnamon and sautéed zucchini.

Nutrition Challengers how is it going?  How are you feeling?  How is your pants fitting?  How hungry are you between meals?

- If you answer positively to most of those then keep up the good work!

- If you answered negatively to most of those, then be patient!  It takes a lot to change the body from bad habits we've allowed it to do for 20+ years.

Whether you're feeling good or not, the food logs are a great place to start checking your your previous week of eating.  I'm sure you can find something in there to improve on.  Something.  Whether it's eating breakfast daily instead of waking up and quickly running out the door with a protein shake, or drinking 10% less sodas this week than last week.  Whatever.  I'm sure we can all look at our own logs and our own progress and do a little better this second week.

And if your lost on how to improve, simply ask.  We are very opinionated and will tell you all exactly what we think.

The point is, those food logs are your tool to get better at this challenge.   No judgement from any of us.  Heck, look at my log and I'm sure many of you see many places I can improve.  But just like logging our workouts, if you come in for Back Squat day and have no idea what you did last time, then you have no idea if you improved.  Same with the food logs.  It shows clear improvement or not.

There are many resources out there to get better at this Challenge and educating yourself is really the only way to get better.  One of the first sources I go to is Robb Wolf's website to the What Is The Paleo Diet? section.  From there, he has plenty of info that will keep you busy.  And if you sign up for his newsletter, he sends you a lot of free info!

Good luck this next week.

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