Thursday 1.24.13

Paleo Potluck this Sunday!  It's the end of week 3 of our nutrition challenge and we've all seen pictures of delicious looking meals posted. Now is the time to share! Bring your Paleo, Primal, and gluten free dishes for everyone to try. Don't forget to bring the recipes. Anyone is welcome to come, not just nutrition challenge participants.   See the announcements section for location and time.

Skill: Dips. Bar or Rings.
Accumulate 40 reps in as few sets as possible. 1-3 min rest between sets

WOD:  "Diane"
- Deadlift (225/ 155#)
- Handstand Push Ups

Post reps and times to comments.


  1. Skill: skinny band
    Metcon: 11:11 w/2 hoo alost twice as long as my best time :(

  2. SWOD: Still in process
    Metcon:6:41 DL @155, 2 AB Mats

  3. Mo:
    5 sets w/ band

    Metcon: 11:50 @155 two ab mats

  4. SWOD: Ring dips red band - 8 sets of 5
    Metcon: 10:02, 125#, 3 mats for handstand pushups

  5. SWOD: 15 strict ring dips, 25 with half skinny black band
    Metcon: 7:57 155# deadlift, 2 ab mats