Sunday 3.03.13

Hope for Kenya Fundraiser:

Thanks for everyone who came out and supported our Hope for Kenya Fundraiser!  I hope you all got an idea of how The CrossFit Games Open and its judging will work, tried some FitAid, and paid out some money to the Kenya Fundraiser!

We will leave the donation box at the gym and you can continue to donate throughout the week!

Nutrition Challenge:

This was a great photo Brenda posted on the nutrition page.
Nutrition Challenge ends this week!!!  After Photos can be taken from Wednesday, March 6th to Saturday, March 9th.  Grab a coach and complete your photo.

Remember, whoever wins, wins.  But keep in mind all the benefits you guys got from the challenge if you were able to stick to it.  Weight loss, strength gains, more energy, it's all benefits of eating cleaner!  Good luck to everyone this last week.

We hope that ultimately this challenge created good habits for you.  After the challenge is done, take a cheat meal or two, but hopefully you can get back on to continuing eating with proper nutrition.  To help out from here on out (and in part due to suggestions made in our Gym Survey), we will be hosting nutrition seminars every month or so.  This will be used to discuss in detail different aspects of proper nutrition and to cut through the many different versions of the perceivably same diets.

CrossFit Games:

A few of you have asked what to expect at the CrossFit Games Open.  What the standards for the movements are, or you just want to make sure they are currently doing the movements correctly!  Well, the cool thing about the Open is none of us know the movement standards until the workout is posted on Wednesday Evenings on the CrossFit Games Page.  For an example, here is the workout standards and demo that was posted for last year's first workout, titled CrossFit Games Open Workout 12.1:

We train proper gym movements year round, and then during the open we change our movements as needed.  (i.e.:  Push Ups, Burpees, and Box Jumps are done properly throughout the year, then as the Games Open gets closer, we do Hand Release Push Ups, Floppies, and Games Style Box Jumps in anticipation of them being programmed in the competition.

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