Sunday 3.17.13

Short Post.  Long day at work.  writing this at 4:30 in the am.

CrossFit Games Open:
As of this writing, the following Compound Athletes need to enter their scores in before 5pm today:

- Alisha
- Amber
- Brad
- Chanda
- Doug
- Kayla
- Kevin H
- Kevin O
- Mike
- Ryan Smith

Nutition Challenge:
Challenge winners are coming, I swear!  Everyone should have recieved their individual before/ after photos.  I would like to post anyones that would allow me to.  I would do it on the Compound Nutrition Facebook page, which will be a closed page so only those who are in our gym and subscribe to the page will see it.

All challengers please email me at with a "Yes" or "No" on posting your photo.

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