Sunday 4.07.13

The CrossFit Games Open ends today.  For those who still need to get your scores in, do it before 5 pm.

For those of you that participated, I hope you got something out of it.   It's cool the things you can learn about what your capable of when you step up to the test.  Approximately 120,000 people around the world competed in the same five workouts we did over the last five weeks.  Many of them kicked our butts.  You may be surprised to see that you kicked a few butts yourself, because you weren't the last name listed in your division!

The next step in the CrossFit Games Season is Regionals.  The top 48 men and women and the top 30 teams from each of the 17 Regions will compete in a 3 day competition.  We still have to wait till tonight after 5 pm to see if Jenna will be going to Regionals.  Some other people from around Solano County will probably be going as well, including CrossFit Solano's team and some individuals from CrossFit Solano and CrossFit ASAP as well.  NorCal Regionals will be held on May 24-26, so anyone who can get down to see them, they are fun to watch.

For more information on NorCal Regionals, click HERE

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