Tuesday 4.02.13

Oly class tonight!

Skill: Handstand Push Ups.
Every minute for 10:00 complete 2 Handstand Push Ups at any scaled variations.

WOD: AMRAP in 12:00:
- 5 1-arm Kettlebell Swings/ ea. hand - Russian
- 5 Box Jumps (24/20")
- 100m Sprint

For the KB Swings, choose a heavy weight you can manage with good form.  For the Sprints, these are Sprints not jogs.  Give up a round or two and take some extra rest, so you can perform the Sprints at maximum intensity.

Post reps and rounds to comments.


  1. Skill: 1 abmat
    Metcon: 7 rds @ 35# kb, 24" box jumps

  2. SWOD: 3 RDs no mat then 7 RDs w/1 AbMat
    MetCon: 7 RDs w/53# KB (Could've done more reps into 8th RD but my son wasn't feelin it so I had to stop. I know, that's just an excuse!)
    Actually liked the sprints...thanks!