Sunday 6.02.13

Congrats to Micah who took first place in the B-class at the Modesto Highland Games yesterday!  Modesto is an "invitation only" competition, which means you need to have competitive scores to be invited to compete.  Micah has never competed in B-class, he just moved up from C-class. He moved up classes for the first time yesterday, after doing CrossFit with us for only one month.  Here are his scores:

Since the end of April, Micah's competition added approx. 20 feet of distance over the various events, including 2 feet on the Weight over Bar, successfully tossing 56 lbs over 12 feet!

Micah was able to get a 30 degree turn on the Caber.  Not bad since he has never picked up one so heavy before.  A perfect Caber toss is in the video below, but you also get points for the maximum vertical angle that the caber achieved in degrees.

And the nice trophy he brought home.  Nice Job Micah:

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