Sunday 7.21.13

The CrossFit Games starts this week and athletes are already heading down there. The basic overview schedule for the CrossFit Games this year can be seen below:
Not going to the CrossFit Games? Here's how to watch the action.
The CrossFit Games broadcast only on ESPN3 starting Friday, July 26 at 12 p.m. ET. On Sunday July 28, starting at 7 p.m. ET the final events are going to be aired on ESPN2.You'll need to log in using your local broadband provider. Test it, figure it out, get it on your big screen. Once the Games start, be ready for viewing. Click here for more instructions.

The CrossFit Games is an awesome week of events that showcases the fastest, strongest, fittest people in the world.  It is the final portion of this contest that started with over 100,000 people in the Open, dropped that number to the fittest in 17 Regionals, and now we will finally see who the fittest men, women and teams are.  Northern California athletes and other friends of The Compound have several people to look for as you watch the Games this weekend:

- Coach Ryan Sessions is going to be down there coaching his mother, Kristine Sessions, in the Masters Women 60+

- Former Compound Coach TK will be down there assisting with a masters female in another division from CrossFit Pinnacle.

- CrossFit Solano has Bill Banovitz competing in the 60+ division

-  Diablo CrossFit has the most prospects.  They have 3 masters athletes, 2 individual female athletes, and 1 team.  Their team took 3rd last year in a close final workout.

I hope you can all find time this week to watch some portions of the CrossFit Games this year.  They are pretty fun to watch and there is a lot going on all week.   And check out all the updates at

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