Thursday 7.18.13

Skill: On the minute for 10:00
- 3-5 Pull Ups at your hardest variation.

WOD: AMRAP in 15:00:
- 30 Overhead Walking Lunge (45/25#)
- 15 Broad Jumps (6'/4')
- 15 Russian Twists (45/25#)

For the lunges: *Plate has to be locked overhead with straight arms.
                       *15 lunges with the right leg, 15 lunges with the left leg.
                       *Back knee has to touch the ground to count as a rep.

For the russian twists: *sit on the floor with you feet raised off the ground slightly, find your balance
                                  *hold the weight plate with both hands on one side
                                  *twist the torso side to side, planting the bottom of the plate on the floor on each side
                                  *touching the ground on both sides = 1 rep

Post reps and rounds to comments.


  1. Skill: CTBx5x5, CTBx3x5
    Metcon:4 rds

  2. Did pullups yesterday.
    MetCon: 3 rounds + 30 walking lunges as rx'd

  3. Skill: 4rep strict, 3rep strict, 5rep band×8sets
    W.O.D= 4 rounds 25lb