Tuesday 7.09.13

4th of July BBQ on the 6th

Skill:  On the minute for 12:00:
-odd min. - 5-10 unbroken Ring Dips
-even min. - 8 Pistols (alternate legs)

WOD:  AMRAP in 8:00:
-8 Hang Power Cleans (95/65#)
-8 Wall Balls (20/14# to 10')

Two heats - pick a partner and help them count their good reps.  After the first partner completes the WOD, switch roles.

Post reps and times to comments.


  1. Skill: pistol squats and assisted ring dips
    Metcon: 7 rds + 8 HPC's rx

  2. Skill:Sub 15PU for RD
    Metcon: 8rnd + 5HC @25#WB