Thursday 10.10.13


Skill:  Spend 20:00 working on your Muscle Up (Ring/ Bar).
There are man aspects to work; the dip, the pull, the stabilizing, the false grip, etc.  You don't have to work the movement as a whole.  Break it up into its parts and improve on those.

WOD:  Tabata Mashup
- Kettlebell Swings- heaviest possible
- Double Unders

*For the WOD, you will alternate :20 of all-out KB Swings, :10 rest, :20 of all-out Double Unders, and :10 of rest. Repeat that 8 times. Your score is the total number of KBs and DUs completed.
** For the KB Swings, pick a weight that you can continue moving it for the entire :20.

Post reps to comments.

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