Sunday 11.03.13

Ring Dips:

For those of you who want to try for the competition team, it is required for men to do 10 solid ring dips, and for women to do 7 solid ring dips.  

For those who just want to get more healthy and fit and do workouts like "Elizabeth" Rx'd, dips are necessary to master.

Below, Jenna and LA explain the most common error we see in people at The Compound performing dips:

To train for your ring dip, there are two positions to master, the Support and the Dip.

The Support
A basic requirement for ring work is to obtain a solid, proper support in which your arms are straight, hips
open, and chest up. The rings should be turned out between 15 and 45 degrees so that the insides of your
elbows are facing forward. Before moving on to dips, rolls, or any other support work, you should be able
to hold this position for a minimum of 15 seconds with little to no movement.

The Dips
Perform dips just as you would on the parallel bars, with your elbows bending back rather than your chest coming forward.  At first, do whatever it takes to press out of the dip. As your support gets stronger, work toward doing the dips with the rings turned out (palms forward) in the proper support position described above and reduce the kipping.

If you work on these two positions daily (as you pass the rings on your way into the back of the gym, as your standing by the pull up structure talking, or simply before or after a workout) you will be able to improve your dips and overall strength.  This will help lead to better body control in all of your CrossFit workouts.

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