Sunday 1.05.14


- Wednesday, January 8 - The Compound Open House 7:00-8:30pm. Come bring your friends to see what CrossFit is all about! Fleet Feet will be giving a RockTape demo, Nutrishop, Kill Cliff, and Reebok will be there with samples and products. We'll be giving away prizes from all of our vendors and a grand prize of a FREE 6-week Compound Lite session, and a FREE month of unlimited membership.

*Wednesday, Jan 8th - 7 pm Open Gym is cancelled due to the Open House

- Saturday, January 11th - Highland  Games Athlete's Powerlifting Competition 8:30 am - afternoon.  This is a group of Scottish Games competitors from Northern California coming to have a fun laid back competition before we slow down on the weights and start throwing more.  We could use some volunteers to help judge and move weights around.  If anyone can join us you'll get a Judges shirt and some BBQ!

*Saturday, Jan 11th - 8 am class only.  9 am is cancelled for the competition.

Paleo Success Story!:
Many people have had success on a Paleo/ Caveman/ Real Food diet.  Matt Amerson graciously shared his success story and pictures. 

"When I started my weight loss "journey", it was mostly cardio for the first 6 months with minimal weight training.  After the first 6 months I started getting into the gym more doing weight training - light weight more reps; that lasted about 3 months with the last two months adding one hour of stairmaster 6 days a week...

"My diet fluctuated the first few months because I never really ate healthy before so it was very new.  I would say the first three months I had 2-3 cheats days a week. Six months into it, I had only 1-2 cheats days a week with the last two months no more than 1 cheat day.  Now, even though I was doing primarily a Primal diet, I did carb-load prior to races.  I did a lot of races during that time frame to keep me motivated.  As far as how strict I was, that depended on the week.  I was doing everything on my own and from what I was able to learn from the internet.

"During the last two months I was more strict with only one cheat day some weeks.  I went to the gym six days a week.  At first it was really tough with the diet,  It took months to get use to no junk food, but the longer I went the easier it was.  

"Over the past 8-10 months I haven't been on any diet seriously, but worked out a lot and kept the weight off. I didnt really stick to any diet, but now I'm going back to Primal because I have new fitness goals..."

Matt did this on his own and got better at it the longer he stayed on it.  The worst thing you can do is eat really well for a short amount of time and then give it up.  Motivation goes away real quick and picking the good habits back up always remains difficult.   It should be much easier to stay motivated with the Compound Nutrition Group motivating and learning from each other.

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