Sunday 1.12.14

Thank you for everyone who came out to support the Powerlifting Competition yesterday.  It was a great time.  I was only going to run the event and Jenna was only going to assist.  However, as usually happens, what had 20+ participants just a week prior, injuries, work, and other events saw many of the dropping out at the last minute.  So to fill some space, Jenna and I decided to compete!

I cannot remember everyone who dropped by to cheer us on (I'm still sore and a bit dizzy from the Squats), but I do remember Amber telling me I'm actually kind of strong and actually workout.  Thanks Amber!

Here are a few pics from the day:

Micah PR'ed in all 3 events
I started off well with Squats, but Bench and Deads
were not great.

Jenna decided she didnt work hard enough and did
some Muscle Ups afterward.
The winner of the with 585#


For those of you doing the Nutrition Challenge, week 1 is done!  For anyone who wants to join in, or simply see what these guys are doing, join our Facebook page Compound Nutrition found HERE

The Compound Nutrition page is a great place to share meals, recipes, support each other, complain, and otherwise help everyone stay on track.  So you can join in anytime, the goal is to make this a lifetime change for the better, not simply a 30 day challenge.

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