Thursday 1.09.14

Strength:  Push Press 5-5-5-3-3-3

WOD: For time:
"1/2 Kalsu" (50 reps) @ 135#/95#

- On the start of every minute perform 5 Burpees, for the remainder of the minute perform max rep Thrusters...Then start over the next minute and keep going until you reach 50 Thrusters or 20 min time cap.

-OR- if you finish your 50 reps under the 20 min., see how many reps you can get within the time cap.

Post weights and times to comments.


Steve thought this article was a joke, so he did a google search.  But up popped a yelp review of another PF that remove their only 2 racks and put in two assisted machines. When asked why, the manager stated that squat racks were "outdated"!

Article:  Planet Fitness removes Squat Racks for being 'intimidating'

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  1. SWOD = 185lb Push Press
    MetCon = 46 Reps at 135lbs