Monday 2.03.14

Skill: 3 sets for Quality. Spot each other as needed
- False Grip Pull Ups on Rings– Max reps
- Hollow Rocks - 10 reps

WOD: For time:
- 10 Calorie Row (begin in heats for large classes)
- 20 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
- 30 Burpees
- 40 Sit Ups
- 50 Kettlebell Swings (53/ 35#)

Post reps and times to comments


Interesting article.  If steroids can be found in High Schools, then what makes CrossFit different?  At least CrossFit HQ is trying to test for it (although all those tests can be beat).  However, the word "Truth" in this title should have an asterisk as well.

Article: The Truth About Steroid Use in CrossFit: Don’t Ever Assume

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