Monday 4.28.14

Getting a different use out of my Kettlebell Snatch and Swing training!

Skill:  Double Under Practice.  Spend 15:00 working on Double Unders or Triple Unders.  Go for max reps. NO SINGLES. This is time to work doubles

WOD:  4 Rounds for time:
- 10 right arm Kettlebell  Snatch
- 10 left arm Kettlebell  Snatch
- 30 Double Unders


Workout goals:  For skills, sometimes trying for triples allows people to get double unders without knowing it.  Trying at failing at triple unders may very well result in the rope at least passing under the feet twice.

For the WOD, choose a weight that's heavy, but you can maintain throughout the entire round without putting down.  If you do not have Double Unders, perform double the amount of single unders, with 5 Burpees every time you put the rope down (including at the end of each round).  So if you complete all 60 reps non stop, you still need to perform 5 burpees.

* however, the better substitution is to do 30 Double Under attempts (one at a time if needed) each round.

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