Friday 5.23.14

The kids found  my vest and decided i was missing some tools for work

Skill: Ring Row- 50 reps.  In as few as sets as possible using the hardest variation. 20:00 time cap, rest at least 2 min between sets.  
*see below for Rx'd standards

WOD:  EMOM for 10:00:
- 3 Front Squat (clean from the floor, 185/125#)
- 20 Double Unders

Post weights and times to comments.


We use the "CrossFit Football" version of Ring Row, where the feet and rings are the same height.  To be fully Rx'd, you must keep the body straight throughout the movement.

*scale down - lower the box/ raise the rings or down to a more vertical position with the feet on the floor
**scale up - add a weight vest/ or stack plates on yourself and make it more of a strength movement


  1. Brad: Metcon RX'd. no missed Rounds

  2. Holly Metcon RX'd 2 penalties