Monday 6.09.14

If you haven't heard the founder of CrossFit explaining CrossFit, then this is well worth your time
(some cussing)

Skill: GHD Hip/ Back Extenison  3 x 10-15

WOD: "Helen"
3 rounds:
- 400 m Run
- 21 Kettlebell Swings
- 12 Pull Ups

Post reps and times to comments.


  1. Did an at home workout with my kids:
    30 burpees, 30 abmat sit ups,30 push ups, 30 squats,30 4CT jumping jacks
    My 5 yr old and I timed ourselves at each station and she beat me in burpees and push ups. She was laughing too hard during the sit ups ti finish.

  2. "Helen" rx'd in 10:59. 1:01 off my PR, but an improvement from the last time I did it.