Monday 6.16.14

Skill: Perform 10 rounds of:
- 1 Wall Walk
- Handstand walk away from the wall for as far as possible.

*partner up and help each other maintain balance if needed.  If you do not have a Handstand Walk, work handstand holds and brave pushing your toes off the wall slightly.

WOD: AMRAP in 12:00:
- 25 yard One-arm Walking Lunges (53/35#)
- 10 One-arm Hang Power Cleans (53/35#)

*Alternate hands as needed
*Back knee has to touch the ground to count the lunge as a rep.

Post distances and rounds to comments.


  1. Metcon: 8 rounds + 20 feet of lunges rx'd.

  2. Metcon: 8 rounds + 9 feet rx'd.