Monday 6.23.14

Early morning for the Contra Costa Throwdown. 

Skill: Muscle Up practice.  Spend 15-20 minutes practicing a skill you need to improve your muscle ups.

If you have muscle ups, try different things on the ring like skin the cats, backwards rolls, strict muscle up (don't stop with kipping), or weighted muscle ups.

Some things to try if your are struggling with the transition:

Muscle up jumps - Lower the height of the rings, use the ground as a starting position and jump into the exercise. As you get stronger raise the rings higher and higher until you no longer need to exploit the momentum of the jump.
Leg assisted muscle up - Supporting one or two (easier) feet on a box or bench can be quite effective and reduces the amount of body weight being used during the exercise.
Band assisted muscle up - similar to the leg assists, resistance bands are a great way of supporting some of your bodyweight to make the exercise more achievable. Use lighter bands, or lengthen the bands as you become stronger.
Kipping Ring Pull Ups or False Grip hangs or pull ups

WOD: AMRAP in 12:00:
- 30 Overhead Walking Lunges (45/25#)
- 15 Dynamic Push Ups

*Pushup should be performed by dynamically alternating hands on your 45/25 bumper.

Post reps and rounds to comments.

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