Sunday 9.21.14

Why do I CrossFit?  I hear that all the time.  Are you competing?  Why are you working so hard at the gym? Aren't you scared your going to get hurt? etc., etc., etc.....

So, why do I CrossFit?  Several reasons:

1)  CrossFit keeps me sharp for the demands of my job.  I am one of the biggest guys on my SWAT team.  I'm also one of the fastest AND strongest, thanks to the way I train.

This is me on the way UP....just FYI

2) CrossFit helps me keep keep up with my growing kids, who attack me at any moment, no matter how long work was or how tired I am from the gym.

3) CrossFit is the fastest and best way I found to maintain and improve my strength and conditioning, so I can spend more time training Heavy Scottish Athletics.

There are many more reasons why I CrossFit.  But why do you CrossFit?  Let us know.  Send us picks or videos about why you CrossFit!


  1. I CrossFit because it has given me a whole new appreciation for my body and what it can do. My least favorite features have now become The ones that I am most proud of, as I develop strength and skill. It's the perfect balance of strength, cardio, skill, agility, and community. I've never found any exercise program that I actually wanted to stick with, until now. It's amazing that it can reach anyone at any ability or strength level, and there are always ways to improve. Plus, I've never seen results before. It's just given me a whole new excitementand respect for myself, and I never knew what I was capable of until I started pushing myself in Crossfit.