Sunday 9.28.14

Back to the Program!

Thank you for everyone that came out and supported us at The Dixon Highland Games! The best part of the day wasn't the competing, but watching all the kids (seemingly) enjoy themselves!

It's time for our off season, which means I can get back to the Compound's CrossFit Programming!  This makes me excited, since I do some of the programming for the gym (along with 3 other coaches) and it kills me to program some fun WODs and not be able to get many of them in.

Just a word about our programming.  We programmers have developed a balanced program consisting of (2) two-week cycles, in which we hit every major movement in the Strength/ Skill portion and in the WOD.  Throw in a few uncoventional WODs (and of course Tyler's and Jenna's Saturday Specials) and we believe we have some the most balanced programming around!

And you can certainly make the WOD work for you and your goals:

- If you want to increase your work capacity and drop body fat, do the WODs as fast and intense (within good form) as possible!  Done correctly, that should be the only WOD you'll want to do all day (i.e: a 2:30 minute Fran!) and your metabolism should be running for hours on end.

- If you want to increase your strength, put the majority of your effort into the strength portions of class.  Done correctly, a 5-5-5-5-5 workout should be 5 of the heaviest increasing weights you can do with not much left in the tank, possibly even causing your WODs to be a little slower and less intense.

- If you want to increase your skills (bodyweight exercises, difficult movements, gymnastics, sprints, etc), then; 1) definitely don't skip "Skill" days, 2) do them in your warm ups.  Group warm ups ideas, simply an option if you know what to do.  You need to do what you need to do to get warm.  3) complete the WODs with less intensity and focus on the skill.  If the workout has pull ups, and you are working on strict pull ups, then skip the kipping and work Strict.   And 4) get skills practice in after your WOD.

There are many options to change up workouts to fit your fitness goals.  Programs only work for those that stick with a program.   Ask a coach how to make each WOD fit your goals, that's what we're here for!

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