Monday 9.29.14

Training injured.  
Tears are an injury, one of the worst injuries because you know you can physically do everything, but it's just going to tear more.  This tore, not because I did too many pull ups.  It tore because I didn't do them enough leading up to my competition and it tore at the comp. 
Lesson learned.  Don't forsake my pull up training, or I go into a competition with soft hands! 

Skill: EMOM in 10:00:
- 3 Pistols/ leg @ your hardest variation

WOD: For time:
- 50 Wall Ball (20/ 14# to 10')
- 50 Box Jumps (24/20")
- 50 Burpees over the ball

*Optional post-WOD work: EMOM in 8:00
-as many body weight Ring Dips as possible in 45 seconds (15 seconds rest every minute)

Post reps and times to comments.

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