Sunday 10.05.14

I wanted to publicly thank Jenna for all the hard work and effort she put into making the Nutrition Challenge successful.  She worked hard at the gym and outside of work because it's something she believes strongly in.  She wanted to pick a long challenge, knowing it would be difficult, but hoping to instill healthy habits for life.

Good job to everyone that continued with the challenge.  Hopefully you've learned things about yourself that will help you continue to make good choices in the kitchen.  We'll keep the Nutrition Facebook Page going, to help each other out.

October is a busy month:

October Announcements:

* Monday 10.06.14 - Nutrition Challenge Ends
- Get your final pictures and measurements done!

* Tuesday 10.07.14 - Hydrostatic Testing
- We still have about 6 spots left for hydrostatic tests this upcoming Tuesday. ANYONE is welcome to come, so even if you aren't going to do it, maybe you have a friend who would like to take your spot. Please help get these spots filled!

* Friday 10.10.14 - Final Potluck
Our final potluck will be next week on Friday at 6:00pm, and it will be combined with Erica's Scensy party!! Please let Erica or Jenna know if you would like to come so I can get you that information. The food you bring DOES NOT have to be "healthy" can be whatever you want!

* Monday 10.13.14 - Compound Lite and Boot Camp
- New sessions of Compound Lite and Boot Camp begin.
      Compound Lite: Mon, Tue, Thu @ 6:15 pm
      Boot Camp: Mon, Wed, Fri @ 5:00 am

* Sometime in October - Barbells for Boobs

* Sunday 10.26.14 - Spartan Race
- A group from the Compound will be participating in the Spartan Race.  Contact Erica at

* Friday 10.31.14 - Halloween Hours
- 5 am - 11 am only.  All classes are encouraged to wear a costume!

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