Tuesday 12.30.14

The CrossFit Total is a great way to test your strength gains, or to see where your strength currently stands, so you can make goals to improve it!

Strength/WOD: "The CrossFit Total":

Perform a 1 rep max in each of the following lifts:

- Back Squat
- Shoulder Press
- Deadlift

After a good warm up, you will have three attempts at a max single for each of the three lifts. Your score will be the heaviest single rep of each lift added together. You must complete the lifts in the order listed, and in the time provided for class.

So take your rest periods between attempts, but move quickly also!

Post weights to comments.

1 comment:

  1. did it Monday:

    Squat: 455#
    Press: 230# (PR)
    Dead: 545#
    Total: 1230# (PR)