Monday 1.05.15

All this week we are going to incorporate GRID score workouts.
Complete them, then at the end of the week, enter the info HERE (in the red portion of the page) to get your score!
Get on the rings and play!!
You can't get your muscle up without doing it and even if one isn't in your immediate future it's simply fun .

Skill: Muscle Up practice, then: 

GRID score: Complete as many Ring Muscle Ups as possible in 80 seconds.

WOD: AMRAP in 15:00- 10 yard KB racked Walking Lunge
- 10 Kettlebell Swings
- 10 Russian Twists

*complete WOD with a 53/35# Kettlebell


  1. Oly / Barbell:

    Snatch (165) - 75% x 5x1 OTM
    135x5x1 OTM

    Snatch Pull - 85%x3x3

    Back Squat - 75%x3x3

    Good Mornings

    Grid Score:

    5 Muscle Ups