Sunday 2.01.15

Melissa and Doug's final week of training prior to their Kettlebell Competition this Saturday!

Enjoy the Super Bowl and have fun at your parties!  Busy month this month:

Monday, February 2nd:  Boot Camp classes at 5:00 am AND 9:00 am
For more info, click HERE

Saturday, February 7th - West Coast Classic- Kettlebell Championships - Richmond, CA
Melissa and Doug will be competing in this Kettlebell Competition. Come on out and cheer them on!

Sunday, February 8th - The Teen Gauntlet in Oroville, CA
Steven Page will be competing in the JV division. He's been working hard on his weightlifting movements! Make sure he always has that hook grip in if you see him at the gym!

Monday, February 9th:  Compound Lite classes at 6:00 PM begins for Mon, Tue, Thu classes
For more info, click HERE

Saturday, February 14th:  Solano County Home and Garden Show.  We will be at the Dixon May Fair for the Home and Garden show and showing people what CrossFit at The Compound is all about!  Let us know if you want to help out!

Thursday, February 26th:  First CrossFit Games Open, the online competition sanctioned by CrossFit, is announced and available to anyone to try. There is both open and scaled groups and we all have the ability to help the team, 'CF Vacaville North', gain points.
Sign up HERE

Saturday, February 28th - California Open Kettlebell Sport Championship - Costa Mesa, CA
Doug will be travelling down south for his 2nd Kettlebell Competition of the month!

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